How to Write an Outline

Writing a great story boils down to structure. If you take the time to set up a row of dominoes with an intricate design in mind, you’ll end up with more spectacular results. The same is true for storytelling. Here’s my basic approach to writing an outline.

The Philosophy Behind My Content Marketing

When it comes to writing, editing, and content creation in general, there should be intentional thought and a strategy behind everything. Learn what’s at the heart of my content marketing.

The Value of Editing

Editing is part art and part science. A good editor can take an average piece of content and turn it into something stellar. Here, I explain the value of editing and how to spot it.

How to Write Content That Resonates

Creating content is easy. Creating good content is not. It takes a careful plan and deliberate thought to reach an audience. Here’s how I approach writing content that will resonate with readers.

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