Attention-to-detail is my middle name.

Hi! My name is Jacob Roundy.

I’m a freelance writer, editor, and content marketer with over 7 years of experience in content creation. I have produced work for a variety of industries, including healthcare, entertainment, and more, with a particular specialization in B2B/B2C technology.

I love the written word in all its forms. I take that passion and combine it with a meticulous attention to detail to enhance my work.



Content creation is my bread and butter. I provide all types of writing—from short- and long-form articles to case studies, whitepapers, and more—across industries.


Quality is king. If you already have content created but need an extra layer of quality assurance to ensure it resonates, I can help with a variety of editorial services.


Having worked in the industry, I know content marketing isn’t easy. I offer consultation services to help you plot your course for content marketing success.

Person Writing with Ink

Why You Should Work With Me

At my core, I am a storyteller. I can help you discover, extract, and tell the stories your customers need to hear. I can turn your dry, dull details into a weaving narrative that:

  • Grabs a reader’s attention and doesn’t let go
  • Answers burning questions clearly and concisely
  • Showcases your product naturally and organically
  • Lands you in top search results
  • Brightens your reader’s day


“One of the best editors with whom I’ve worked.”

Jake is by far one of the best editors with whom I’ve worked. Jake has an easygoing, approachable demeanor that puts you at ease, which makes a surprisingly big difference. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Rose de Fremery

“I appreciate Jake’s positive, encouraging personality.”

Jake is one of the most talented, personable, and capable editors I’ve had the privilege of working with. I have collaborated with him since 2016, and I know his job involves a lot of complex interpersonal communications, creative strategy, and decision-making, but he never makes it look hard. In particular, I appreciate Jake’s positive, encouraging personality.

Jasmine Henry

“Professional, friendly, and accommodating.”

Jacob was my contact (at Skyword). He was very professional, friendly, and accommodating, and always responded to all questions. He demonstrated excellent knowledge in editing, transcreation, and writing.

Tess Whitty


  • How to Write an Outline
    Writing a great story boils down to structure. If you take the time to set up a row of dominoes with an intricate design in mind, you’ll end up with more spectacular results. The same is true for storytelling. Here’s my basic approach to writing an outline.
  • The Philosophy Behind My Content Marketing
    When it comes to writing, editing, and content creation in general, there should be intentional thought and a strategy behind everything. Learn what’s at the heart of my content marketing.
  • The Value of Editing
    Editing is part art and part science. A good editor can take an average piece of content and turn it into something stellar. Here, I explain the value of editing and how to spot it.
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